Memoir: From Borsch to Burgers

This memoir chronicles a cross-cultural journey of a Ukrainian American immigrant describing the journey through physical spaces as well as inner world every immigrant goes through as they negotiate questions “Where do I belong?”  “Who am I?” “What does it mean to be a hyphenated American?”  Her message of cross-cultural discovery presents enlightening insights into understanding the nuances found in spanning two worlds.  It includes humorous stories from her Soviet childhood growing up in Ukraine in the 70’s and 80’s.

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Listen to the Author read an excerpt from ch. 5 (Representing the Whole Country with Dignity).

Author Reading From Borsch to Burgers: Packing for America from Ruslana Westerlund on Vimeo.


Discussion Questions

This book is perfect for book studies.  The author has designed discussion questions highlighting author’s themes to help you focus your attention on what the author wanted you to think about reading this.  If you want a copy of the Discussion Questions, please message the Author via her Facebook page Ruslana Westerlund, Author.

My son Nicky is a contributing author in one of the chapters. Watch him read an excerpt of his writing.